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Months ago visiting Rajekwesi

Months ago, on Idul fitri celebration, I was asked by my brothers to visit a beach located in Banyuwangi south coast called ‘Rajekwesi’. This beach, just like other south coast in Java, faces directly to the great Indian Ocean. That’s why the waves are usually big enough, even the biggest of all costs in Java.

The name of Rajekwesi came from Javanese word Rajek and Wesi. I don’t know the mean of Rajek (for this word is not an everyday spoken Javanese language), while wesi means iron…whatever..

Anyway, this is the 1st time for me visiting it. Although it’s only about 50 km far from my home, but I never have idea to visit it, I though it wasn’t attractive enough to visit. I felt the journey was really long, (well this is 1st time) I even made a joke to people on the truck ‘is rajekwesi really exist, who knows it was only a myth, like Atlantis..?’ then they cudn’t help laughing… ohh wat a very far and remote place….!

Its more than 2 hours spent on they way… this place gotta be so nice that we gonna be fund of enjoying its scene… and nature…

During on the way, we rarely met other vehicles passing by. The road was really bad, moreover on the rainy season; oh… temporary ‘pool’ of clay is everywhere…. It’s really flood on the road… I though…. Then here we were… we arrived after more than 2 hours on the wagon (I mean truck). It was so peace… silent… just tens visitors here to spend holidays. What made me wonder were their vehicles used to come here, they used motorbikes!!!! Wow… that must be really uncomfortable being on bike for 2 hours in that route…..!!!!


the environment around the Beach…the beach