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Damn Pretty Woman from “NASA” (

Astronomy Picture of the Day

2008 March 16

Endeavour to Orbit
Credit & Copyright: James N. Brown

Explanation: Birds don’t fly as high. Airplanes don’t go as fast. The Statue of Liberty weighs less. No species other than human can even comprehend what is going on, nor could any human just a millennium ago. The launch of a rocket bound for space is an event that inspires awe and challenges description. The exhaust column pictured is from the Space Shuttle Endeavour after last week’s night launch to visit the International Space Station. Endeavour’s rocket engines create the dramatic glow from above the clouds. From a standing start, the two million kilogram rocket ship left to circle the Earth where the outside air is too thin to breathe and where there is little noticeable onboard gravity. Rockets bound for space are now launched from somewhere on Earth about once a week.


a Mail for Andi kartono

Damn Andi, how U doing Man…?

Are U still there livin in mbak Tatik home? I hope U are just fine Man.

Andi, I think U were right Man!. But, just as U already knew, I think I had no more Choice. I was wrong to choose moving from Sri Sultan Land, I miss that land so much for the last two weeks.

U still remember the moment when we used to wake up earlier on Sunde, becuze we wanted to spend morning in “sunmor”. We used to do it Man…! I cant hardly forget that boulevard where people like spending Sunday morning.

I remember that place where we used to sit sit down for a while, watching alotta galr passing by us, but none knew us. ha..ha..

We’re some unlucky students in that college, we were not those guys who cud ask their gals to go to Sunmor every weekend. We spoke out alotta comments of those gals imagining as if they were ours!!

Those cars, those pretty gals, the delicious food. Do U think I cud ever forget those well-painted memories? Come on Man!why we had to be the unlucky ones? ha ha… damn this life Man…

Now, I cant visit that place for a certain time, I cant freely use my damned moneY to visit that place.. (Im still not earning money… ha..ha… are the money machine or a rocket made by those engineers..?

I miss it for the last damn two weeks, I dont kno why…

But, maybe that was also a step for me to see Risa, I think I wouldnt have met her if I hadnt moved out from that lil’ town.

I also miss risa so much, I think i ever been in love with her, but of course she has found her bot right now. I felt it already, Sorry Risa, I wasnt a gentleman to say that I was really loving U..

still, I cud 8nderstand how their feeling were when they got me around, and  I just kept silent without any idea to break the damned silence!!! Aagghhhhh!!! sorry people… im here standing hundred miles away from Sultan Land, livin in extremely different society, culture, as well as climate.

And tonait, when I write this shit, the rain coming by my home, accompanying me reminiscing those damn memories. well, I wud always say, U re right Man! here I’m running after my Angels who run so fast and been far away.

I will be myself, dont care of wat they said, diving so deep, or flying so hi.. forgetting all of f**ng D** c** on my face.

I hope te rain cud bring me to a sleep and have a nice dream, on Sri Sultan Land

sorry to Mr “Bie” at

Damn.. sorry mbah…

aku winginane terlanjur delete page NYENK, so saiki wes gak onok about nyenk…

koen nulis dengan sangat baik mbah d blogmu. damn, aku terharu….

that damn really represent us, ha ha

here is ur sentences i like:

‘dulu kita semua adalah segerobolan pemuda yang terbuang bahkan tersingkir dari kota tercintanya, dari situ kita bikin sebuah komunitas kecil yang visi dan misinya adalah membicarakan keburukan dari perbuatan pemuda pemudi di genteng city saat itu’

sorry, wingi aku sempat kepikiran aneh , so tak hapus ae page nyenk, sorry mbah….

but u did it so great Man….