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no I’m not bored… physics

Yesterday I just met my old friend in such a national physics student meet. After really long time no talk with any physics maniac, i felt kinda boring with this meet.

i been 3 years studying in electrical eng. then yesterday when I saw some displays of physics students scientific products  i just came really bored. They showed what i see almost everyday in my laboratory. That wasn’t any achievement for me. But then she told me that the physics fair was actually intended to high school students, what they showed were about energy conversion, the line follower, the simulator of pressure law, etc. Well, that’s completely ok. cuz this fair will hopefully be able to show where and how physics found in our daily life to the students. Perhaps I’m in a wrong place, since I expected to see a lot of advanced research achievements in physics when she was telling me “kulo teng Suroboyo”.

I still remember when my teacher told us in the class about the boundary between scientist works and engineer’s. She said that today we can hardly find the gap between the area of scientists works and engineers; especially when they work in the same project.

somehow I’m sure that each of them have their own ability in certain scientific work. I didn’t say that you physics students aren’t good enough, but I was just saying that you can get your own achievement in your own field, just like how engineers get their achievements in engineering.

However physics as pure science always deal with high level scientific research. I had many times heard my friend said “If we just have to construct certain electrical system, then who’s gonna build the elements we need?”,”who does build this transistors?”. In fact many achievements of electrical engineering are based on the really concept of physics.

The tragedy is that in this country scientists have only small portion of career path. but all I know is that this is not my problem, it’s our problem.


Instalasi DSPack pada Delphi 2010

Berikut cara instalasi DSPack pada Delphi 2010…

ahirnya nemu juga…

jangan lupa yang pake windows 7 “run program as administrator”

monggo diklik