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Libur Nggak… kuliah juga nggak..

males banget


It changes, that’s for sure


We have been friend for many years. We used to hang out together, make a gang of looser. Drawing graffiti on someone’s wall and running from the dog as well as leaving some friends behind for the decoys.

All the shit that showed the world who we really were now probably want some changes. The life is evolving, so is ours. Four years ago some of us were proud of a cheap alcoholic drink on the left hand and a bad tasted cigarette on the other. But today, things change, that’s for sure.

That pride is perhaps not as important as it was 4 years ago. We start realizing that we have grown older and been faced by the reality that outta the high school somehow we gotta stand on our own feet. That is the topic today. That’s the problem today.

I gotta be honest to say that I’m proud of our changes. We keep awake the whole night every time we meet on holidays, but this time with different topic. We start sharing about real problem around us. The reality of having family, wife, sexual seduction and so on. I think some people begin to realize that this pop culture would leave us nothing but shit behind, the shit we shouldn’t leave for the next generation.

Yes, thanks to you old shoe for being my ashtray and accompanying our night.

PID no math

lucu juga ngeliat iklan

_control your loop with confidence_ Free course-No Math

bagian paling lucu justru yang terahir “Free course no Math”. bayangkan belajar ini semua tanpa math!
pasti indah dan tampak baru karena sangat berbeda dari apa yang kita dapat di sekolah!!!!

sering pening kepala, bingung gimana cara menyederhanakan matematika control system eng_ kayaknya harus ada cara lain untuk belajar control system eng.

Sialnya_ dan memang sangat menyebalkan_ a friend of mine is really great in math SHIT. in fact he doesn’t know what to do with his control system math in real plant application!!!
APES… sial, belum beruntung…
belum nemu solusinya!!!!