Monthly Archives: Juni 2011

waste the shit

I do really hate the whole kind of fossil energy wasting…

we all know that today this shit is probably the most thing our lives depend on… yes, close to “something without which we can’t live anymore”.

what does the meaning of keeping the road lamp ON until 11 am (lampu jalanan masih menyala di Surabya yang panas)?

is it a lamp reliability testing?

or more like a financial testing? well, even though we can buy our fossil energy consumption for the whole year it doesn’t mean that those fossils availability stay at the same “volume” as our financial that we earn today. It is a fuckin nonrenewable source of energy.  NONRENEWABLE!!!!!




its been a while since the first time i got confused of “giving instruction to PLC from PC”… at least i got 2 reliable ways answering this question… first is directly by software, which doesn’t  need any hardware addition. the second is using demux circuit.

wat keeps me confused is that both ways aren’t easy enough for a newbie like me… sHILHOTE….. oh my… i saw miss deadline keeps smiling at me, as if she was calling “come on, the train is about to go, do you want to graduate this semester?”…. ahahahaha as i said above SHILHOTE