How are you today?

So I work in here today and try to enjoy the hood. I don’t know, wether i am too weak or its because i am just waiting for the right time until i feel ready to break it down. So, I see those guys like feeling so bad because of what we got here isn’t the thing we used to imagine. I knew, but hey… Doest it really matter for me today?

I still the same guy who is crazy about space shit… I ain’t change. I don’t even have a certain answer to the question of “where would you live?”. yah, how am I supposed to answer that thing?. I mean, I dont even have a family by now, a wife to live with, a kid to take care of and rise. I dont have those thing, which I believe become the reason why i never got so busy to think of my future.
It is a very basic thing that everyone need a mate… A mate, like for the lifetime. A wife, a husband. I keep questioning myself if it is the cause of why this space nut shit keep stayin’ in my head. I am pretty lame in planning for myself. Yet one thing for sure, it is useless to make a huge plan if it’d take long time just to start up because of some reasons. It is then more like a mental masturbation, we all have been tired of that!!!!!!

So I just opened the same site i used to visit everytime I got my head heavy enough with those dissapointments. It turns out that it is impossible for me right now, maybe next year or some other times later.
So probably the only left possible scenerio is going to college, again.
That would a lil bit painful…
Oh my God

baiklah... it pleases me

baiklah… it pleases me

Anyway, today I join the SCADA team of a power grid company. I gotta say this is different, but I do like the environment. The people are great, the atmosphere is just real good. But, yeah like I said, its not me.. ahahaha

And thank God they already knew that its not ME!! Ofcourse there is always dissapoinTment. But I believe I’d better not to share in here.

The thing I should remember is perhaps this is the only thing i got to earn money, so i have to behave good… aahhahha..
secondly, It is a great technology I believe, just maybe not in line with my dream which doesn’t make it not important for me to learn. It is still about complex system on data aquisition.
Very well then… I gotta comprehend the whole system before “the time” arrive. I mean at least i have a reason why i should be on fire here.


ahh… finally, yah, I just tried hard to find a reason of why i am supposed to be on fire to work in here.

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