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Tembi Rumah Budaya

Panggil Mobil Derek Anak-anak…….!!!!!!!

Ini pengalaman pertama non band elektronik-tekno. Mobil Derek…

udah pernah sih lihat videonya di youtube. Cuman baru kali ini lihat aksi panggungnya langsung. Maklum band sealiran Mobil Derek jarang banget dijumpai di negeri kita. Jadi ingat sama Prodigy… Omen, tentu itu lagu yang udah lama bgt tapi tetep asik buat lonjak-lonjak..





Ok Merbabu, its not today.. next time i’ll be there..again

This holiday I should have kerja praktek (practical class) in chemical industry of PT Petrokimia Gresik, just some tens kilometers north west of Surabaya. It’s exactly for a month, July.  Suddenly last weekend Chow asked me to accompany him climbing up Mount Merbabu in Central Java and I got no answer but yes. Since that is one of my favorite things in my life.

We went to Solo/Surakarta on Sunday morning at 4 am. At 11 am we arrive at the college of UNS (Universitas Negeri Sebelas Maret) to see Jonathan, the guide and Bolang’s friend. So far we had no problem and no idea what’s gonna happens on the mountain, Jonathan’s friend are really welcome to us, that’s wat made us happy and felt good in UNS, they talked and chatted with us, as if we were friend for long, even they prepared our lunch (or may be  breakfast in this case). Aha ha… thanks guys, u are all really welcome to my place too.

So, after Jonathan packed his goods we left for Salatiga, the district where Merbabu is. Right 2 hours later, 05.00 pm, Bolang met us at Pasar sapi Salatiga. Then we go to the last spot before starting climbing up called Kopeng.

Bolang’s juniors were having survival training some hundred meters above the base camp, so we planned to see them first before going up to the summit that night. I enjoyed the walk to the base camp, the view was amazing. We walked among green tobaccos fields. Just the only shit I worried is the weather; I couldn’t see alotta stars in sky for the it was really damned cloudy. I and Chow started talking about the worst possibility. “wat if it rains tonite?” if that happens the whole shit dreams from Surabaya would be just shit piles in backyard, well actually its kinda weird if rain falls, since this is July and rainy season has ended some months ago in Indonesia. I mean the rain wasn’t only around base camp but this usually happens in town too.

So we arrive at base camp, among civil homes at 7 pm. Having dinner and taking some rests. And the climbing started just then. We climbed up the mountain side to reach the first stop, that is Bolang’s juniors camp. About 20 minutes later we reached the camp. Our previous plan was to climb up to the summit on midnite, so we wouldn’t miss the sunrise on the top since Bolang said that it takes about 5 hours to the top. So we stop there and make bonfire to warm up our cooled bodies. Bolang and Jonathan collect available wood and dead branches around, wow its my first time camp on the mountain side and make bonfire. Still, I couldn’t see the twinkle stars and just before we lit fire the shit happened, guess wat.. it rained!!!!!

“Ouh God… why sud it rain tonite?” so we enter the only dome which then became overcrowded inside!!!

Oh my God, after two hours later it hasn’t stop yet, it was drizzling then. But we made the bonfire, crowding around and discussing our plan again. Chow began doubting to climb up, he said that if only the rain stopped and we insisted to go the climb would get harder, since the route wu’d be wet and more slippery for the rain, and even if we made it to the top no one could guarantee the we would see the bright sky, the sunrise, and other amazing views. So he came with his decision “Guys, I think I’m not gonna climb up..”, he spoke despondently.

FUCK!!! That’s the first word comes out from me, “can’t believe it”, I just couldn’t believe him initially, he asked me to join him on the day before when we met in lab and then he canceled the plan! just couple of hour later right at the midnight, I insisted him to go with our previous plan. So walked around to check the track, and I found that actually it wasn’t slippery but he was right about the weather on top, I started doubting wat if along the 5 hours climb the rain falls again?. Wat happened next was we spent the night with those high school students. And on the next day, on 11 am we walked down the mount, back to the base camp.

Monday 2.30 pm we walked back to Kopeng, along the way to Solo on the bus seat I kept thinking about my days in Central Java, I left my practical class in Gresik for this trip which ended sadly. From the bus window I could clearly see the Merbabu summit; yes it wasn’t cloudy on the top which was different with the situation around base camp. But we plan to climb again sometimes, maybe next semester.

However I’m really glad to meet those people of Ajusta Brata of UNS , they’re so welcome.