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God is an Astronaut

Its not easy for u to describe the music of God Is an Astronaut. The instrumental band originated from Ireland has really special taste that goes with their band name “God is astronaut” . you’d probably know why they named it that way. Just I call it the sound of universe.. he…he… I had really bad sense of music, I mean, I never understood wat kind of music I heard. I like POD, Korn, LimpBizkit.. but I never knew what kinda music they go with. I just really enjoy this thing.
Back to d topic. God is an astronaut give ur ears something different. I mean this is the first time for me to be in love with instrumental music. And this band is the cause. I got it from a friend in my board, and I just love it quickly. Their singles, like Beyond the Daylight and Tempus Horizon are just some of those u should listen to.
I just knew their members couple days ago.. I had no idea that they just consist of three persons, moreover I imagined their members as a group of serious as well as romantic persons, wearing neat suit like those in orchestra (just like their music)..
but they go like rockers, wearing t shirt, long hair and (again)only three persons.. ha.ha.. just outstanding!
When I searched them on google, I was led to their website, Wikipedia, and panoramio..
Yup… its

how come? That was my first question. Someone uploaded his picture (the sun shine through gaps among cloudy sky) and really named it “god is an astronaut”.. ouh.. they made it, they made people interpret their name by their own imagination which is always dealin with sky, horizon, aerospace…for those are the place where U’d probably find God on His spacecraft… ha.ha…
God is an astronaut… I like ur music guys… u just let me feel the ferocious taste of instrumental one.
I like cosmology, relativity, and physic in general. I usually dive in to my mind, imagining as if those “theory of everything” really work…. And this music gives me space to dive in… a really large space in which those theories never allow the God to exist… ha..ha…
Keep on goin’ wit ur music…..