Monthly Archives: Januari 2009

simply makin love

…I need a female… simply, since Im a male.. and my age has reached 2o couple years ago.

this is kinda funny thing. I see alotta boys n girls around me can really enjoy their daily life in college… they enjoy math, Jims enjoys his ubuntu, Tar makin love with his scripts. those shitty boys in lab are busy with their damned control devices(MORE)


stress of exam

finally it ends and leaves much uncertainities after all..
this semester is somehow more like a punishment for me,
feel so shy to Nabila for I used to have long talks on math with her, despite the fact that my math this semester is so pathetic, oh God..
Allah… it’s hard to believe that they gave us the discrete ones.. and that’s what U did, thank God.
oh math… I never see U hate me like this before…

Ugh… the reality could be more pathetic, but I hope not. For sure, the final project hasn’t finished yet and this is the last week before deadline.