Monthly Archives: Mei 2012

Being Dreaming

just had a blog walking, I felt kinda glad but jealous as well to know one of em. Someone who wrote proudly about her dreams and finally “just” could achieve almost most of those dreams. even though these dreams are just simple ones.

People usually say that I am a shy person, I am not even confident enough to answer when they ask about my dream.

Am I really this kind of guy??

Or, this girl who wrote her dreams on her blog had just written the blog after she could finally chase her dreams? ehehehe…

Ouh dude.. please.. I just remember that I never even wrote my dream anywhere in public pages. But, hey.. I guess today I am answering their questions.

I have to say this, honestly I never tell people what i do really wanted, until finally after graduating from my bachelor degree and being failed to get Europe scholarship I told my cousin about this dream, which has just failed.. ouh dear..

But of course this dream is completely different, I mean i don’t even list mine. i just have a big chunk inside my chest that i should spit it out as fighting rhyme one day. Ahaha… whaever..

So I come to a funny story about telling dream to someone else. I red about Planetary Resources from Larry Page state in Google + and then begun searching all about this wonderful idea. Nah.. I went to the career page on the website, and just took a look at the questionnaire, Wow!!! This is it!

I never saw an application pages like it. It is nothing about your education degree, but your dream.

Are you Space nut?