Monthly Archives: Agustus 2013

No Sir, you can’t ask about this cage.


What is so wrong of being stupid for your own life?
What is so wrong of being different?
What is so wrong of being dying while trying to chase dream?
what is so wrong of being too much sensitive of what people think of you?

So I ever heard once a news on TV about how a boy wanted to turn himself into a female because how felt so far that he had been caged in a wrong body.
In the same way, I found some people felt that they never found any best hood that totally support their ideas. what they did next wasn’t to move to another hood and expecting to find the right friends who could easily accept them, but they changed their prespective of what the hood said about them.
There is a huge fear of death and failure.

so huge that people can even see my doubtfulness. A fear of dying on the way before I could finish this race against common sense.

No one even think that this shit is a good idea to die… ahahahha… Thanks.
Is there any real freedom out there? I doubt that.

since we are all caged in what people say about us….

 what is the pride of being this bullshit.